Children need a fighting chance to enjoy their childhood. Why not give it to them?

Let’s face it, television programming, social media, and, unfortunately, even the school system in some cases, have all taken it upon themselves to tell your child who he or she should be.

Honestly, it’s not their place. It’s yours. And even more than that, it’s God’s. Permit Him to define who your child is and give Him space to do it.

I Am Who God Says I Am And This is What I Know was written as a way to help you give God that space in a fun and creative way.

Colorful, whimsical, and written for children ages 3–8, this book makes it a point to deliver positive truths to build your little ones’ self-esteem and confidence.

There’s nothing quite like knowing what God says and thinks about you. I Am Who God Says I Am And This is What I Know, and its companion resources, gives you an endearing, biblical, and memorable way to reinforce and protect your child’s true identity, value, and worth based on God’s Word.

The opening lines start with:

I am who God says I am
And this is what I know.
I am a child of God.
The Bible tells me so.

And from there the adventures and stories of five friends begin.

Alicia Terry, Author

“Bravo Alicia! I love this colorful affirmation of God’s word just for children! Each page of this adorably illustrated book, shares the truth. These are seeds that are planted in the littlest minds that can grow and be remembered their whole lives. I think this can be a generational book to be handed down and share the love of Christ with your children and grandchildren. I look forward to sharing this with my grandson.”  Mary Lu Saylor

Whether you purchase the book or not, I encourage you to download the free Scripture Journal Pages below. Each page presents a learning point from the book that is reinforced with Scripture-based journaling. This is a great activity you can guide your children in as well as do for yourself!

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