What Building an Iron-Sharpens-Iron Community Looks Like

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Though she may have never thought about it this way, my mom’s way of building community was through cooking and entertaining. She loved doing both and had the gift of hospitality to do it well. In her later years she would host an annual “Girls Night In” for her church-lady friends. It was like a slumber party where they would sing praise and worship songs, listen to biblical teachings, eat, play games, and win prizes. 

In the morning my mom would prepare a large breakfast that everyone enjoyed. People came for her breakfast even if they did not participate in the previous night’s activities. These ladies were so appreciative. I remember reading one particular thank you card she received. It read, “Thank you for allowing us to be girls again.”

What gave my mom great joy to do also gave these women great joy by allowing them to remember the girl inside them. That’s how my mom built and nurtured her community.

Following in my mother’s footsteps

I’m building a community too. As a communicator I enjoy creating places and spaces for people to listen, learn, and grow together through conversations that challenge them to think and live according to God’s word. It’s one of the reasons why I founded Above the Fray Publishing and under its umbrella the podcast, “What’s the Word?”, which launches February 1, 2024.

“What’s the Word?” is a monthly podcast that examines a single word taken from the Bible to help you understand both more clearly. With each episode there’s Scripture searches, definition-deep dives, thought-provoking questions, and candid guest conversations to help strengthen your spiritual growth and development.  It’s an iron-sharpens-iron community where we come together to:

  • Learn new ways to study the Bible
  • Grow in our understanding of it
  • Have a more personal and intimate relationship with God
  • Get equipped by not only hearing the Word, but being empowered to do it
  • Renew our minds so that our thinking becomes more like the mind of Christ

I hope you will tune in on launch day, February 1, to hear powerful stories and godly wisdom on the words: transformed, grateful, faithful, unfaithful, forgiveness, and love. The guest interviews are amazing. If you get something out of listening to “What’s the Word?”, be sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

So, what about you? Are you building or connected to a community? I’d like to hear more about it and why it’s important to you. Please share below.


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