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My mother taught kindergarten for more than 30 years. She was the most creative teacher I knew. From engaging children in fun plays, creating hilarious children-driven recipe cookbooks, to decorating her entire classroom in any theme she imagined, my mom was a true visionary.

My dad on the other hand was, and still is, “Mr. Fix It”. If something needed to be fixed, whether plumbing, electrical, carpentry, gardening, or managing livestock, he’d take care of it. But if he didn’t quite know how to do something, it was through trial and error he’d figure it out. However, I will say today it’s less trial and error and more look and learn by watching YouTube.

Always learning. Always growing. Always figuring out a solution for how to make life more fun, functional, and enjoyable for themselves and others. That has always been my parents’ method of operation. And, I guess you can say I got it honestly because I emulate them more than I realized prior to writing this post.


Bonafide growth and progress blocker

Not knowing how to do something keeps many people from advancing in their personal and professional lives. And to be honest, it has hindered me once or twice in the past. But what I’ve come to realize is that those things that are really important to me and, many times, others, are those things that burn inside me that I want to see accomplished or life just wouldn’t be right if it’s not.

Over the course of my working life, I’ve certainly accomplished things that I didn’t know were possible. I was given assignments, or I had an idea that the management approved and, somewhere along the way, some great stuff happened after its execution. Ignorance is bliss, goes the adage. But these days I’m not trying to do work that matters from a place of ignorance, but rather intention.

A couple of years ago, I tried to ignore the voice in my ear that echoed through my heart, telling me to become my own publisher and create a publishing company that I could release my work from. “I don’t know anything about launching a publishing company,” I told myself. And it was the truth. I didn’t know what to do, but I could learn.


Becoming intentional

I Googled every term and topic I could think of on creating a publishing company, and I started to apply what I learned. At this point, I have to give a shout out to Dave Chesson and his website. Dave, through the website, provided a wealth of information that really helped me with all the intricate details of getting from Point A to published.


The result

In May 2023 I published my first book, I Am Who God Says I Am: Getting to the Heart of Your Identity. And in June 2024 my second book, I Am Who God Says I Am And This is What I Know…, will be released!

It’s a picture book for children ages 3-8. I’m so excited about it. It was fun to write and to see the illustrator bring the characters to life. As it says on the homepage of my website:

With colorful pictures and fun rhymes, this book is designed to reinforce children’s identities, value, and worth, based on God’s Word.

The opening lines start off with:

I am who God says I am.
And this is what I know.
I am a child of God.
The Bible tells me so.

And from there the adventure and stories of five friends begin.


Keep up with the developments

I look forward to telling you about the book in greater detail. Join my special email list to learn about the release date, early review and launch opportunities, and much more. In my next blog post, I will share the reason why I wrote such a book for children.

Until next time, continue to grow and learn, and keep making a difference!


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