Coming Summer 2024!

Above the Fray Publishing is excited to announce the upcoming release of its second book, “I Am Who God Says I Am And This is What I Know…”.  It is a picture book written for children ages 3-8.

With colorful pictures and fun rhymes, this book is designed to reinforce children’s identities, value, and worth based on God’s Word.

The opening lines start off with:

I am who God says I am
And this is what I know.
I am a child of God.
The Bible tells me so.

And from there the adventure and stories of five friends begin.

The anticipated release date for the book and related materials and merchandise is the latter part of June.

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Alicia Terry, Founder & Owner
Above the Fray



I’m Alicia Terry.

Whether it’s through writing, audio and video broadcasting, or photography, there’s a story to be told and a message to be shared that carries with it the potential to change lives. This is why I created Above the Fray. It’s a tool that enables me to publish exactly what God lays on my heart to create for women, teens, families, and business professionals.

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